What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that utilises a variety of hands on techniques to reduce pain, improve function and enhance performance by addressing the body as a whole entity rather than as separate parts.

Osteopathy involves a patient-focused approach to healthcare, recognising that a person’s health is a combination of physical, mental and emotional agility.

It is a safe and effective treatment that aims to optimise your health, building a stronger, more resilient you.

At Agility Osteopathy, our osteopaths are highly skilled and experienced in the use of a variety of hands-on techniques including

Soft tissue massage
Joint mobilisation
Muscle energy technique (MET)
Spinal & joint manipulation
Counter-strain technique
Balanced ligamentous tension (BLT)
Myofascial release
Visceral manipulation
Functional exercises
Rigid & Kinesiology Taping

Osteopathic treatment is safe and effective and should not cause undue discomfort.

What do osteopaths treat?

One of the major advantages of the osteopathic approach to treatment is the focus on treating the whole body. As a result, your osteopath may look at the area that is troubling you as well as other parts of your body. For example, if you have a sore arm, your osteopath may also look at your shoulder, upper back and neck.

Common conditions that we treat at Agility Osteopathy include:

Headaches, migraines and jaw pain
Neck, back and spinal pain
Shoulder pain including rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder
Repetitive strain injuries, tennis elbow, golfers elbow
Hip, knee and ankle pain
Nerve entrapment conditions such as disc injuries, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome
Work-related postural strain
Sporting Injuries – muscle strains, joint sprains
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Pregnancy related pain

If you are unsure whether osteopathic treatment is the right approach for you, feel free to contact the clinic to speak with an osteopath directly.


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